Custom Computing Solutions

Savage-Wolfe is pleased to offer small, reliable computer systems that
combine state of the art technology with award winning design.
Each system we build is customized to the your individual specifications.

Our Philosphy
We use only tested, name brand components and strongly believe that
cutting corners on major components costs our users far more in the long
run than was saved on the initial purchase.
We take pride in providing personal service and competitive pricing.

In short:
We would far rather lose a sale than lose a customer.

Our Systems:
The base workstation includes-
The Shuttle XPC Case/Motherboard

A 2.5 Ghz CPU
512 MB RAM
An 80 GB Hard Drive
Ethernet, Video & Sound Onboard
Windows XP Home Edition
A 15" LCD Flatscreen Monitor
Keyboard, optical mouse & speakers

Additional Options* Include:
Windows XP Professional
Windows 2000
RedHat Enterprise Workstation
Fedora Core Linux
AGP Graphics Card
Additional RAM - up to 2 GB
CPU Upgrades are also available
*these will add or subtract from the base system's price

Free Open Source Software
Each system ships with CDs that contain: 1.1, a full featured office/productivity suite
Mozilla Firefox Internet Browser
Mozilla Thunderbird email program
Knoppix Linux
(Knoppix provides a way to try linux
without having to install the operating system to your hard drive)

Our systems are custom built to your specifications
pricing varies depending on the exact configuration. The base
system described above currently retails for $1,180-
plus shipping and CA sales tax where applicable.
Feel free to contact us for a custom price quote

Our Privacy Policy
Savage-Wolfe respects your privacy
We will never share your personal information with
a third party nor will we send you unsolicited email.

Prices are valid through 9/30/2004.

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